Ecological Applications

CRWC conducts a variety of ecological surveys and water quality assessments to help determine the condition of the Clinton River and smaller tributaries.  Stream impairments and threats to aquatic biological communities are identified through these efforts.  CRWC often assist communities and partnering organizations in writing and executing grants that work toward restoring and conserving our water resources. Often times, CRWC completes pre and post monitoring for evaluation of restoration projects. In addition, CRWC assists and supports communities in woody debris management.

Stream Assessments:

CRWC, with help from interns and volunteers collect biological, water quality, survey, and habitat data throughout tributaries that flow into the Clinton River. These assessments help monitor conditions in the watershed and help to identify sites that may need restoration and/or protection.

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Restoration Project Monitoring:

CRWC works with communities, consultants, and partnering organizations to provide pre and post monitoring for restoration projects throughout the watershed. Often times this monitoring is required by granting agencies for grants received for restoration projects. Monitoring  includes the collection of biological, water quality and habitat data to help in evaluating efforts.

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Road Stream Crossings:

CRWC works with interns and volunteers to complete road stream crossing inventories through the watershed and identify sites that need attention. These crossings, often times culverts, can be hot spots for resource concerns including barriers to fish passage, increased erosion, impacts to natural flow processes, etc.

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Woody Debris Management:

CRWC works with communities and partnering organizations to educate and assist in managing deadfall in the river.

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Data Analysis toward BUI Removal:

CRWC provides technical assistance to the Public Advisory Council (PAC) and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality for Beneficial Use Impairment (BUI) removal.

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