Prevent Stormwater Pollution

The Clinton River and its tributaries stretch across more than 760 square miles of land in southeast Michigan, including portions of Oakland, Macomb, Lapeer and St. Clair counties.

The river carries rain and snowmelt runoff, or stormwater, into Lake  St. Clair. The quantity of stormwater entering our rivers, lakes and streams as well as the pollutants it carries can degrade aquatic habitat and water quality.

We can all take simple steps to reduce stormwater pollution.

After all the cheapest way to stop pollution is at the source.

Links to Resources

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal
   For Oakland County Communities:
   For Macomb County Communities:
   For Wayne County Communities:
Cold Weather Practices
Native Plants & Water Quality
Choosing A Lawn Service
Michigan Green Industry Association (MGIA):
Pet Care
Boat & Auto Care
    Recreational Vehicle Waste Dumpsites: ;
Waterfront Wisdom – A Homeowners Guide

We also offer FREE presentations & workshops as part of our Stormwater Education Program:

  • The Watershed Story
  • Native Plants for Your Yard and Water Quality
  • Do It Yourself H2O Friendly Lawn Care
  • Rain Gardens and Rain Barrels
  • Fall Lawn Care
  • Clean Boating and Clean Water
  • Managing Lakefront Properties for Water Quality
  • How Can Small Business Help Protect Our Water Resources?
  • The Little Things YOU Can Do to Protect Water Quality

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