Southeastern Michigan Phase II
Stormwater Information Clearinghouse

Meeting the Federal Stormwater Regulations

Some communities applied for the watershed-based permit on a voluntary basis prior to the permit deadline. Therefore, example materials are available to assist other communities. Because all communities are unique, these materials should be used only as a guide to assist communities in the application process.

Many of these sample materials were developed as part of the federally-funded Rouge River National Wet Weather Demonstration Project. This is a comprehensive program to manage wet weather pollution to restore the water quality of the Rouge River. One goal of the project is to share information and lessons learned to other communities facing the same challenges. The development of these example materials is just one aspect of this multi-faceted program. To learn more, visit their web site at

Example Materials
Sample Watershed-Based Permit Applications:
Sample Annual Reports:
Sample Public Education Plans (PEPs):
Sample Illicit Discharge and Elimination Plans (IDEPs):
Sample Watershed Management Plans:

Most of the Rouge River Watershed communities applied for the watershed-based permit a few years ago. Therefore, these communities not only have application materials that can be useful to other communities, but also sample watershed management plans.

Sample Public Participation Plans:

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Storm Water Pollution Prevention Initiative (SWPPIs):

Many of the Rouge Communities have developed and are implementing their SWPPIs. Below are sample SWPPIs, along with MDEQ materials and other guidance materials.

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