• Stream Leaders Introduction
    This is a general description of the water quality monitoring program for students, its goals and objectives, what’s expected from you as the participant, and what the watershed council contributes.
  • Grade Level Content Expectations:
    Correlations to Stream Leaders Water Quality Monitoring Program Middle School and High School)
  • SL Monitoring Guide
    Monitoring Protocols and Procedures
  • Macomb County Public Works Presentation:
    This is a special opportunity for Macomb County schools. The Macomb County Public Works Office offers an award-winning Water and the Urban Environment presentation free to Macomb County schools. This is a great way to use your Stream Leaders data for a civic action project.
  • Wader Safety:
    Anytime you get into the water there are precautions and guidelines to follow. This just outlines a few things to be especially aware of in an urban setting.
  • Supplies Checklist
Data Forms & Sampling Instructions:
  • Aquatic Insect Labels:
    Here you will find two pages of insect labels. Be sure and print them on a laser printer so they don’t bleed when you put them in alcohol.
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant Protocols:
    Here you can find the contact information for the watershed wastewater treatment plants (WWTP) and their requirements for testing your samples.
Maps of the Clinton River Watershed: