You may have recently read the articles in the Detroit Free Press and the C and G news (links below) that described the Clinton River as among the worst for organic pollutants among the Great Lakes tributaries. Prior to this article, the watershed council along with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality was unaware that this study existed. We were asked by both newspapers to respond and had very little time to do so. What we did find was that the study on the Clinton River was done from 2010-2013 at one site in Mount Clemens. Our watershed spans 760 square miles and the Clinton River is 81.5 miles long with the headwaters in Springfield Township. The one sampling site at the lower portion of the river in Mount Clemens is not indicative of the entire watershed. We acknowledged that urban runoff is one of our greatest pollutant challenges and we have many education programs in place to help address this issue. Our mission is to protect our watershed and we continue to provide outreach to our stakeholders. Should you have any questions about these articles or the work we are doing, please contact our office at (248)601-0606.