Remedial Action Plan: Public Advisory Council

The Clinton River is a designated Area of Concern under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, signed in 1972 by the governments of Canada and the United States. The boundary of the Area of Concern includes the entire Clinton River watershed, the Clinton River spillway, and the coastal area of Lake St. Clair south of the mouth of the Clinton River and spillway, where water quality is affected by flows from the Clinton River.

The Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, as amended in 1987, directs the Canadian and U.S. governments to cooperate with state and provincial governments to develop and implement Remedial Action Plans (RAPs) for each Area of Concern. The initial Clinton River Remedial Action Plan was completed in 1988; updates were published in 1995,  2000 and 2008. These documents are produced primarily by work groups consisting of the Clinton River Public Advisory Council (PAC), other technical experts, and the general public.

Water quality priorities in the Clinton River Remedial Action Plan include elimination of combined sewer overflows and sanitary sewer overflows, nonpoint source pollution control, Superfund waste site and contaminated sediments remediation, spill notification, habitat restoration, and elimination of illicit connections and failing septic systems.

The Public Advisory Council is composed of representatives from the general public, local and county government, business and industry, recreation and sporting groups, and non-profit organizations. The PAC meets quarterly to update and report on progress towards meeting the recommendations of the Remedial Action Plan. The Clinton River Watershed Council provides administrative support to the PAC, and several current and former CRWC board members are members of the PAC.

For more information about the Area of Concern program, visit the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Clinton River Area of Concern webpage at

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Current PAC & RAP Activities

Clinton River RAP Documents

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2008 Clinton River Remedial Action Plan
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Strategy for Delisting Michigan’s Great Lakes AOC, FINAL, 5-2010
Nonhabitat BUI Targets for Clinton AOC – April 2009
2012-09-17 – Eat Safe Fish IN AOCS (FINAL PRINT)
Clinton River AOC FW Plan Addendum 2014


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