New Baltimore has hopes for an 800 foot pier

Friday, September 20, 2013

By Courtney Flynn, Associate Editor

The New Baltimore Recreation Police Department and the Clinton River Watershed Council are collaborating in an attempt to gain funding to build an 800 foot pier off of Ruedisale Park.

The grant was submitted to the Great Lakes Fishery Trust by the two earlier this month in hopes of being able to provide more access to Anchor Bay.

“I think this could be a great fishing opportunity,” said New Baltimore Recreation Department Director Brian Kay. “Public access (to the lake) is pretty limited around here.”

Currently the city has one pier, which is about 200 feet long and located in Walter and Mary Burke Park that is utilized by local fishers. With this grant, Kay said the addition of a pier would not only offer more opportunities to fish, but it would also draw more attention to the park itself.

There is also an aspect of habitat improvement the two organizations highlighted in the grant. According to the grant, “by creating designated angler access points, sporadic foot traffic that negatively impacts lakeshores/stream banks will decrease. Furthermore; erosion, which is often a result of foot traffic on shorelines and stream banks will decrease with the addition of designated pathways.”

Ruedisale Point Park sits on 6.9 acres of land, off of Ruedisale Street, and offers use of a playscape, grills, picnic tables, and portable restrooms. Part of the Master Plan for the park was to establish a lookout point and pavilion; there is no direct mention of a pier.

“I feel like it’s one of the hidden gems in the community and is underutilized,” Kay said.

If the project does receive grant funding, restrooms, interpretive signs detailing local fishing opportunities and American Disabilities Act complaint features would also be added.

“Having a waterfront is a significant asset for developing communities and resident involvement,” Nina Misuraca Ignaczak, Clinton River Watershed project planner, said.

Kay said he felt comfortable submitting the grant with the Clinton River Watershed Council because of their history of obtaining grants and their profound knowledge on the local waterways.

Misuraca Ignaczak said her organization reached out to New Baltimore when the grant opportunity became available because of their mission to build up accessibility to local waterways. In addition to trying to help New Baltimore promote and improve their waterfront access, Misuraca Ignaczak said the organization is reaching out to all local waterway communities.

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