Community Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Coordinator

POSITION TITLE:                         Community Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) Coordinator


RESPONSIBLE TO:                       Jennifer Hill, Executive Director


The Clinton River Watershed Council’s (CRWC) mission is to protect, enhance, and celebrate the Clinton River, its watershed, and Lake St. Clair for the benefit of communities, the environment, and our future. For over 50 years, CRWC has worked to improve watershed management practices alongside local municipalities, provide educational programming for communities and children of all ages, and work to restore and enhance the Clinton River to become a place folks want to work, live, and play. In a highly urbanized watershed with over 50% of the land area covered by impervious surfaces, management of stormwater remains the largest challenge within the Clinton River watershed. The AmeriCorps member will deliver and expand residential green infrastructure services, develop and distribute up-to-date multi-media materials and communications about residential green infrastructure and its importance, including as an important component of climate resilience. The member will center native plants within the Green Stormwater Infrastructure (GSI) programming of the organization. The strategic groundwork completed through the member’s service will allow CRWC the needed time and capacity to bridge the gap between current pilot program opportunities to establish a self-sustaining residential green infrastructure services program and grow programming to center native plants.



Under CRWC’s programmatic pillars of Enhance and Restore, the member will develop crosscutting services to center the promotion, use, and increased education around residential green infrastructure and native plants to benefit CRWC’s residential services and educational programs. This will include:

  • Conducting site visits and completing residential GSI installations within the George W. Kuhn Drainage District;
  • Developing and beginning expansion of CRWC’s residential green infrastructure services into additional communities in Macomb County and the southeastern corner of Oakland County;
  • Development of educational materials to support the expansion of more residential green infrastructure services within the watershed and to highlight how residential green Infrastructure increases climate resilience;
  • Serving as an essential driver in assisting CRWC to reflect native plant usage into the core of the organization’s programming, through both a physical manifestation and educational manifestation of commitment to native plants and their benefits;
  • Using the current grounds at CRWC’s Rochester Hills office, begin the transformation of the grounds into a living classroom – accessible to the public, students, and adult learners and able to show people how native plants and small-scale residential green infrastructure can function on residential property. (see physical activity requirements in qualification section);


These contributions will help CRWC embody its mission through a physical representation of native plant usage and residential GSI installations at the CRWC office and expand its ability for outreach around climate resilience, native plants, and stormwater management.


The AmeriCorps member will be charged with enhancing and developing crosscutting services to center the promotion, use, and increased education around residential green infrastructure and native plants to benefit CRWC’s residential, community, and volunteer services and programs. This will include:

Residential Green Infrastructure Services Program

  • RainSMART Project
    • Plan and lead the installation of at least 2 rain gardens for residents who need assistance through the RainSmart Rebate Program.
    • Plan and lead the installation of 10 trees and 11 rain barrels.
    • Support the installation of up to 5 additional residential GSI installations. 
    • Conduct at least 96 site visits at residential locations within the George W. Kuhn Drainage District as part of Oakland County’s RainSmart Program.
  • Expansion of Residential GSI
    • Using the RainSmart services as a guide, develop a program outline that includes goals, strategies, and tactics for successfully ‘scaling up’ CRWC’s residential GSI services into additional communities.
    • Research as needed, including collaborating with sister SE Michigan watershed organizations to learn from their successes and failures
    • Host an internal strategy meeting with CRWC staff to workshop program development ideas and refine as needed.
    • Identify and begin conversations with 2-3 communities in Macomb County and/or southeastern Oakland County to expand residential GSI services


Native Plants Program

  • Create a plan that includes a phased approach for the transformation of CRWC’s grounds into a showcase for native plants and residential green infrastructure. Phase 1 should include an implementation component that can be completed within the member’s term of service.
    • This may include restoring small existing plots into demonstration beds or outdoor classrooms featuring native plants, enhancement of parking lot islands, installation and use of rain barrels, etc.
  • Plan and execute at least 2 volunteer projects focused on completing Phase 1 of the CRWC office native plant/residential green infrastructure demonstration plan.
  • Co-lead the planning and execution of invasive species eradication volunteer opportunities and/or green infrastructure project installations with local businesses, communities, or groups.


Communications Program (To support GSI and Native Plants)

Serving with CRWC’s Communications staff, The AmeriCorps member will: 

  • Expand CRWC’s educational and marketing materials (website, written materials, social media) around residential green infrastructure benefits and services, including how they increase climate resilience within the watershed.
    • This may include writing content for a residential GSI webpage for CRWC’s website; writing a 1-2 page factsheet; writing an article for CRWC RiverNews; and producing content for 2-3 social media posts;
  • Develop educational materials for students and adults specific to CRWC residential green infrastructure/native plant demonstration sites at the CRWC office.
    • This may include 1-2 educational video shorts, 2-3 social media posts, and supporting the creation of signage for GSI installations.
  • Develop educational materials highlighting the role of native plants in residential green infrastructure, the role of native plants in climate resilience, and the importance of native plants within the watershed.
    • This may include writing content for a native plant webpage for CRWC’s website; assisting in the development of native plant maintenance resources, writing a 1-2 page factsheet; writing an article for CRWC RiverNews; and producing 2-3 social media posts.



  • Prepare and submit 2-week schedules, timesheets, and mileage reimbursement forms
  • Conduct at least 2 presentations to community groups about Huron Pines AmeriCorps
  • Engage at least 30 volunteers in conservation activities
  • Submit monthly detailed reports of service and 4 “Great Stories”
  • Provide regular project updates and photo documentation
  • Represent yourself as a Huron Pines AmeriCorps member at all times
  • Attend required trainings provided by the AmeriCorps Coordinator



  • Working toward a bachelor’s degree in biology, aquatic ecology, environmental science, environmental planning, sustainability or related field; or at least one year experience. 
  • Completed field or course work in or demonstrated working knowledge of native plants to Michigan.
  • Completed field or course work in or demonstrated working knowledge of climate resiliency, green infrastructure applications, and stormwater management.
  • Enthusiasm for connecting with a wide variety of audiences, including a service-oriented mindset
  • Thrives in an outdoor work environment - must have the ability to serve outdoors in all weather conditions.
  • Possesses strong analytical, verbal, and written communication skills as well as the ability to present in a public forum to both adult and student audiences.
  • Demonstrated ability to track and manage multiple tasks, must be skilled in planning and prioritization, and highly organized.
  • Must be a collaborative team member.
  • Service will involve all-weather physical activity (including rain garden, rain barrel and tree installations), the use of hand and field tools, and potential for limited in-water work.
  • Installation may include activities such as lifting up to 20 pounds at a time, digging, and sod removal.
  • Ability to utilize small machinery like a sod cutter.
  • Some evening and weekends required.

Program Requirements

  • Must maintain a valid driver’s license.
  • Computer efficiency (typing, email, word processing, excel)
  • Ability to pass a background check.
  • U.S. citizen, national, or lawful permanent resident alien
  • Commitment to conserving the forests, lakes, and streams of the Great Lakes State


The following skills are preferred:

  • Knowledge and experience utilizing ESRI ArcGIS software, Survey 123, and Field Maps.
  • Experience using implements such compass, diameter tape, and survey equipment.

On occasion, service will be required at an off-site location. Use of a personal vehicle may be required to perform duties (mileage will be reimbursed). This is a 40-hour-per-week position and runs from January 10 - November 15, 2024. Benefits include a $17,600 living stipend, a $6,895 education award, and student loan deferment. 


Applications and directions are available at and will be accepted until October 13th.

Please see the Huron Pines AmeriCorps website linked above for possible deadline extensions.


REASONABLE ACCOMMODATIONS: If you need to make a request for a reasonable accommodation, due to a disability, such as obtain materials in a format that works for you or to fully participate in the application process, please contact Amanda Vanaman, AmeriCorps Coordinator at (989) 448-2293 x30 or


*Registered sex offenders are not eligible for AmeriCorps positions.


Please read the application instructions carefully. The below "Apply Online" form is NOT the appropriate way to apply for this Huron Pines AmeriCorps Position.

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