Cultivating Clean Water

Learn what you can do to protect, restore and enhance the water resources in your area through best management practices at home and on the farm.

The Clinton River Watershed Council (CRWC) is working to help residents to take action to protect, restore and enhance East Pond Creek and its surrounding landscape. This tributary and its watershed have abundant natural beauty and habitat for fish and wildlife. It is our goal to protect and enhance these qualities for generations to come. East Pond Creek is a sub basin located in the North Branch Clinton River subwatershed.  Pollutants and stressors include on-site septic systems, agriculture and urban runoff. As part of a grant funded through the state, CRWC is conducting an educational outreach program throughout the area and working with residents and farmers to inform them on best management practices to benefit water quality for long term protection of the watershed.

Some example best management practices include:

Native Plantings
Riparian Buffers
Soil testing
Nutrient Management on the farm and on your lawn
Rain Gardens
Proper Septic Maintenance

For information on conservation practices or to set up a site visit please contact Matt Einheuser, with CRWC at 248-601-0606 or email him at

Other Resources

CRWC Programs and Services

In addition to the Clinton River Watershed Council, additional information regarding conservation practices and assistance can be found with these local organizations.