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Now is the perfect time to get involved with protecting our freshwater resources with volunteer events, free training and education classes and family-friendly activities throughout the year!

River Day is designed to encourage appreciation and recreational use of the waterways of the Clinton River
and Lake St. Clair, and to celebrate the leadership of local citizens, organizations, and communities whose efforts are critical to protecting and enhancing the overall quality of the Clinton River watershed.

This June individuals, businesses, community groups, and local governments across the watershed will join forces on River Day to enhance and celebrate the Clinton River and Lake St. Clair. Activities range from nature hikes, canoe trips, fishing derbies, and fly fishing lessons to storm drain stenciling, river clean-ups, habitat restoration, and native landscaping.


2022 river day

 June 11, 2022


River Day Guide

Click here to download the 2022 River Day Guide!

RIVER DAY 2022 LOGO winner!


Congratulations to Katie Griffen for winning our 2022 River Day logo contest! 
Here is what Katie had to say about her design: "When I was younger, I used to think that my house was the center of the world. As I got older, I began to understand that there were bigger things happening outside of my tiny bubble. I started learning about watersheds and how they connect us all. Regardless of where we live, we're always a part of a watershed. It's amazing to think about how our actions (or inaction) in one area can impact people miles away. I'm grateful for my education on watersheds because it's helped me become more mindful of my own actions - both at home and beyond. Every day, I try to do my part to help keep our watershed. When we take care of our watersheds, everything thrives!".


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