Become an Adopt-A-Stream Volunteer!

Adopt-A-Stream Volunteer Roles & Responsibilities

Team Leader – responsible for contacting team members, coordinating monitoring day and time, kit pick-up and return to CRWC

Bug collectors – responsible fore collecting bugs from stream using CRWC Adopt-A-Stream protocol

Bug Pickers – responsible for sorting bugs from stream samples

Bug Identifiers – responsible for correctly identifying and counting bug samples (CRWC bug ID course required)

Physical Observer – responsible for assisting with physical observations of the stream site

Data recorder – responsible for recording data and observations legibly, keeper of the data sheets in the field

PLEASE NOTE: all team positions are flexible and a team member may work in multiple positions on the Adopt-A-Stream team.

The Steps to Becoming a CRWC Adopt-A-Stream Volunteer

1. Attend a Training – Register for and attend one Adopt-A-Stream Training.  You can choose to attend the training sessions in the subwatershed in which you live, or the session that best fit your schedule.

2. Determine Your Roll – Decide if you want to be a Team Coordinator or a Team Participant. Also, decide if you want to become a certified Bug Identifier.

3. Optional Bug ID Certification – If interested in becoming a certified Bug Identifier, you must attend and pass the Bug ID course offered by CRWC bianually.

4. Streamsite & Team Assignment – After training is completed, CRWC will coordinate site selection. Teams of 3-5 individuals are recommended. Youth (under 18 years of age) are welcome to participate, but an adult Team Coordinator must ensure that protocols are followed correctly.

5. Monitoring & Team Coordination – You will be contacted by your site coordinator prior to the monitoring weekend. If you are a site coordinator, it is your job to coordinate the kit pick-up from CRWC and a time to get your team together for the monitoring weekend.

6. Have fun monitoring! – Monitoring takes place the first Saturday in May and October. The process lasts approximately 3 hours, depending on the number of team members present. CRWC will send reminders to Team Coordinators to help teams prepare for the upcoming monitoring season. Team Coordinators will contact their team members to schedule their monitoring days and times.