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Now is the perfect time to get involved with protecting our freshwater resources with volunteer events, free training and education classes and family-friendly activities throughout the year!

The Road-Stream Crossing Program focuses on habitat fragmentation and fish passage barriers created by roads, dams, culverts and pipes. Our goal is to unblock upstream passages and monitor erosion and failing infrastructures that can damage the unique ecosystem of coldwater tributaries.



Our Road-Stream Crossing Program took a big-step forward thanks to our volunteers and partners from the Clinton River Coldwater Conservation Program (CRCCP). In 2018, volunteers were able to survey more road-stream crossing locations than ever before. Bridges, culverts and pipes can cause problems for local fish by blocking upstream passages and can develop erosion issues that contribute large amounts of sediment to the river. To learn more about what a coldwater tributary is and why it’s important, visit CRCCP.

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Now is the perfect time to get involved with protecting our coldwater tributaries with volunteer events and free training and education classes throughout the year. We look forward to meeting new faces, surveying new locations and continuing to work with this great group of volunteers. To learn more, contact us today!









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