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Now is the perfect time to get involved with protecting our freshwater resources with volunteer events, free training and education classes and family-friendly activities throughout the year!

The RiverSafe LakeSafe Program is a free, public education campaign that raises awareness and recognizes those who incorporate best management practices to keep freshwater resources clean and healthy. The CRWC educates residents, homeowners and businesses on how to identify products and chemicals that could be harmful to the watershed and new ways to approach lawncare and other common household tasks.



The RiverSafe LakeSafe Program consists of a free, online survey to help you identify areas of everyday life that impact our local freshwater resources.

Once qualified, residents and businesses will receive the official RiverSafe LakeSafe Plaque to display in the front yard, garden, storefront or next to a river or lake on your property.



The CRWC RiverSafe LakeSafe Plaque informs your friends, neighbors and community about the value of our freshwater resources and that you are proud to be taking good care of our water quality in the Clinton River Watershed!

All residents and businesses located within the Clinton River Watershed are qualified to participate in the RiverSafe LakeSafe Program. Not sure if you’re in the CRWC service area? Click here to find out!


Find out if you’re keeping our freshwater resources clean and healthy by answering the

questions as truthfully as possible on the RiverSafe LakeSafe Survey 








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