Homeowner Resources

Green Infrastructure.pdf
Green Infrastructure - In Depth Ver.
What is GI & how does it affect the watershed?
Rain Gardens - 2016_newlogo.pdf
A Citizen's Guide to Rain Gardens - In Depth Ver.
A closer look into a way to manage stormwater on your property
A Citizen's Guide to Fertilizer - In Depth Ver.
Choosing a low impact fertilizer
Animal Waste - 2016.pdf
A Guide to Watershed-Friendly Pet Care - In Depth Ver.
Managing animal waste to take care of our freshwater resources
Waterfront Wisdom Booklet
What waterfront property owners can do to benefit the environment
Native Shoreline Benefits
Homeowner and lake association resource for native shoreline benefits and options and examples.
Composting BMP_Final.pdf
Composting BMP Flyer
Though adapted for commercial operations, homeowners can also learn how to best manage their composting activities to benefit the watershed
20. Single Use Plastics Citizens Guide_2022_EGLE.pdf
A Citizen's Guide to Single Use Plastics
Single use plastics continue to create a larger microplastics problem in our water; learn about alternative to common single use products
25_Winter Salt Tips_2022_EGLE.pdf
Winter Salt Tips
Learn more about how to protect water quality in the winter
3_Clean Boating Fact Sheet_2022_EGLE.pdf
Clean Boating Practices
Clean boating and water quality
4_Landscaping BMPs_EGLE.pdf
Landscaping and Lawn Care Best Management Practices
Learn about how landscaping choices make a difference.
7_Coal Tar Sealant_2022_EGLE.pdf
Coal Tar Sealant
Coal tar sealant is used to repair cracks in pavement, but this material has a hidden cost
8_Fall Lawn Care Citizens Guide_2022_EGLE.pdf
A Citizen's Guide to Fall Lawn Care
As we rake our leaves and prepare for winter, consider how your actions impact our freshwaters
9_Green Infrastructure Citizens Guide_2022_EGLE.pdf
A Citizen's Guide to Green Infrastructure
Green infrastructure is a term that refers to many methods of managing stormwater runoff. Learn more here!
11_Pet Care Citizens Guide_2022_EGLE.pdf
A Citizen's Guide to Watershed Friendly Pet Care
How to manage pet waste responsibly
12_Rain Gardens Citizens Guide_2022_EGLE.pdf
A Citizen's Guide to Rain Gardens
What is a rain garden?
13. Citizens Guide HH Hazardous Waste_2022_EGLE.pdf
A Citizen's Guide to Household Hazardous Waste
Disposing of materials like paint, cleaner, motor oil, and other household hazardous wastes the right way helps ensure our waterways stay healthy
14_Spring Cleaning_2022_EGLE.pdf
Spring Cleaning for Water Quality
As we declutter our homes, there are steps to take to protect water quality that you may not have previously considered
15_Watershed Friendly Lawn Fertilizer Citizens Guide_2022_EGLE.pdf
A Citizen's Guide to Watershed Friendly Lawn Fertilizer
Learn more about how your choice of fertilizer affects our waterways
16. Land Use and Water Quality_2022_EGLE_Fixed.pdf
A Citizen's Guide to Land Use and Water Quality
Learn more about how different land uses directly affect water quality
17. Rain Barrels Citizens Guide_2022_EGLE.pdf
A Citizen's Guide to Rain Barrels
Learn how to make rain work for you!
21_Invasive Species 101_2022_EGLE.pdf
Invasive Species 101
Check out common invasive species in the watershed, as well as how to take action
22_Native Plants and Water Quality_2022_EGLE.pdf
Native Plants and Water Quality
Native plants are ecological superheroes; learn more here!
23_Selecting a Lawn Service_2022_EGLE.pdf
A Citizen's Guide to Selecting a Lawn Care Service
Did you know that there are lawn care companies who are devoted to protecting water quality?
24_Stormwater 101_2022_EGLE.pdf
Stormwater 101
The basics on stormwater pollution
28_Homeowners BMPs_2022.pdf
Homeowners Association Best Management Practices
How can HOAs do their part to protect water quality?
29_DIY Rain Barrel_2022_EGLE_With Diagram_enlarged.pdf
DIY Rain Barrel
How to DIY this rain-catching tool
30_Citizens Guide PFAs_2022_EGLE_fixed.pdf
A Citizen's Guide to PFAS
What is this emerging contaminant?
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