MS4 Permittees

7_Coal Tar Sealant_2022_EGLE.pdf
Coal Tar Sealant
Coal tar sealant is used to repair cracks in pavement, but this material has a hidden cost
26_Concrete BMP_2022_EGLE.pdf
Concrete Washout Best Management Practices (English Only)
Preventing concrete waste from entering our waterways is one of many ways developers can protect our natural resources
1_Autocare BMP_2022_EGLE.pdf
Auto Care Best Management Practices
How can auto repair and maintenance facilities help prevent stormwater pollution?
2_Car Wash BMPs_EGLE.pdf
Commercial Car Wash Best Management Practices
What can commercial car washes do to prevent stormwater pollution?
6_Restaurant BMPs_EGLE.pdf
Food Service Best Management Practices
Tips for food service facilities to help preserve local water quality
10_Machine Shops BMP_2022_EGLE Fixed.pdf
Machine Shop Best Management Practices
Tips for machine shops to help preserve local water quality
18. School BMP_2022_EGLE Fixed.pdf
Best Management Practices for Schools
How can schools protect their local natural resources?
19. Scrap Metal BMPs_2022_EGLE.pdf
Best Management Practices for Scrap Metal and Auto Salvage Yards
How can activities at scrap metal and auto salvage yard facilities affect water quality?
Watershed Wide PEP with Appendices 2023 Update.pdf
Watershed Wide Public Education Plan - 2023 Update
Newest EGLE approved Public Education Plan for communities participating in CRWC's Stormwater Education Program.
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