RiverSafe LakeSafe Program


About the Program

  • The RiverSafe LakeSafe program is a public education campaign aiming to raise awareness and recognize those who incorporate practices which help to keep our freshwater resources clean and healthy.
  • The program promotes ways of performing common household tasks, in a way that protects water quality within the Clinton River watershed.
  • The program itself consists of a survey which will help to identify areas of everyday life that impact our local water quality! Take the survey and see if you are RiverSafe LakeSafe! If you qualify, you can become self – certified and recognized by the Clinton River Watershed Council.
  • A complimentary plaque is available to all individuals recognized as RiverSafe LakeSafe by the CRWC!

How It Works

  • Below you will find a link to the survey. Answer the questions as truthfully as possible. If you can answer “Already Do”, or “Pledge to Do” for every question you are qualified to be RiverSafe LakeSafe!
  • Once qualified residents and businesses located within the CRWC service area (see map) will receive the official RiverSafe LakeSafe sign to put in your yard, garden or next to a river or lake on your property. This way everyone will know you are proud to be taking good care of our freshwater resources here in the Clinton River watershed!
  • Surveys will be reviewed weekly.
  • Plaques will be received within 30 days of survey completion
  • Plaques can be mailed to your household or can be picked up at the office during business hours (8:00 am – 4:30 pm)
  • If you do not qualify as RiverSafe LakeSafe after taking the survey don’t worry! The Clinton River Watershed Council would be happy to help get you there. You can call us or we can set up a time to visit your property to provide tips on ways to become RiverSafe lakeSafe.
  • For more information on this program please contact Eric Diesing at the CRWC at (248) 601 – 0606 or eric@crwc.org. We look forward to hearing from you!

Display suggestion for the RiverSafe LakeSafe plaque using 1-1/4″ screws and a wooden post. Pilot holes were drilled through the plaque before screws were used

Take the Survey


Take the Survey

RiverSafe LakeSafe Links

MDEQ website for municipal household hazardous waste and contact information regarding local programs.

Michigan Native Plant Producers Association.

MSUExtension soil testing program.

Coal tar sealant Information

Coal tar sealant alternatives

Not sure if you live/work in the Clinton River watershed, Lake St. Clair Direct Drainage or Anchor Bay? Check out the map below.

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For More Information on this Program

Please contact Eric Diesing at the CRWC at (248) 601 - 0606 or eric@crwc.org. We look forward to hearing from you.
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