stony creek lakeshoreWatershed Management

The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Phase II Storm Water Rule, issued by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, required municipalities and other public bodies that operate a separate storm water drainage system within a U.S. Census-defined Urbanized Boundary to obtain a stormwater permit by March 2003. This permit program affects over 170 communities in Southeast Michigan and is administered by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. CRWC is working with communities across the watershed to help meet these requirements.

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Clinton River Area of Concern

The Clinton River is a designated Area of Concern under the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement, signed in 1972 by the governments of Canada and the United States. The boundary of the Area of Concern includes the entire Clinton River watershed, the Clinton River spillway, and the coastal area of Lake St. Clair south of the mouth of the Clinton River and spillway, where water quality is affected by flows from the Clinton River.

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Presentations & Workshops

A variety of presentations and workshops from Clinton River Watershed Council are available. Due to the amount of interest in our presentations and workshops, they are scheduled based on staff availability.

For scheduled Stormwater Education Presentations and Workshops please check the our event calendar.

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