CRWC and Clinton Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited worked together to rehabilitate an old access path and stabilize a stream bank on Paint Creek in Rochester Hills.  Eighteen volunteers dedicated their day to help build and stabilize the stream bank to prevent further damage and erosion at the site.  The stream bank was restored using natural materials (e.g. coir rolls) and native vegetation.  This type of method is now preferred over conventional methods that were historically used to prevent stream bank erosion (lining the bank with crushed concrete, a.k.a rip-rap).  Once vegetation becomes established on the banks, root structures will help to secure soils and prevent excess erosion during high water events.  Additionally, the native vegetation will help provide habitat and food resources for local wildlife.

Users of the creek and the adjacent trail (Paint Creek Trail:  can now enjoy this restored access point to fish and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Paint Creek.

This project was largely funded by Trout Unlimited’s Embrace-A-Stream granting program and the Michigan Fly Fishing Club.  Thanks to all those involved!