What are Subwatershed Plans?

Subwatershed management plans provide a framework for communities to collaboratively address various issues related to water quality. For example, subwatershed management plans include language about building practices, land use planning, public education, and other relevant topics. Each community and organization represents one entity essential to the success of watershed management. Strategic planning done at a local level will have great influence on the future of the Clinton River watershed and beyond. These plans serve as a map to that future.

Which Subwatershed To You Live (or Work) In?

Find your location on the map below, then follow the link to visit your subwatershed page.

In Michigan, communities are coming together to address stormwater management on a watershed basis. In the Clinton River watershed, seven subwatershed planning groups have formed: Upper Clinton, Clinton Main, Stony/Paint Creeks, North Branch, Red Run, Clinton River East, and Lake St. Clair Direct Drainage.

Communities in the Clinton River watershed have partnered with the Clinton River Watershed Council to create a public education and outreach program. As part of this effort, webpages have been created for each of the seven Clinton River subwatersheds.

Click on the map below to learn more about each subwatershed and read the subwatershed Management Plans.

Subwatershed Map

Anchor Bay Watershed Upper Clinton Subwatershed Lake St. Clair Direct Drainage Watershed Clinton River East Subwatershed Paint Creek Subwatershed Clinton Main Subwatershed Red Run Subwatershed North Branch Subwatershed Stony Creek Subwatershed