North Branch Subwatershed Planning Process

Communities, agencies and organizations in the North Branch Subwatershed are voluntarily working together to increase public awareness of the impacts and causes of stormwater and non-point source pollution. They are also voluntarily developing plans to address the causes of these problems within the watershed. The North Branch Subwatershed Advisory Group does not have any public input meetings scheduled at this time.

North Branch Subwatershed

North Branch Subwatershed

At  A Glance

Approximately 200 square miles
Lapeer, Oakland, Macomb, St. Clair
Primary Land Uses:
60% active agriculture
17% woodland/wetland;
15% residential
Open Water:
Coon Creek, Deer Creek, East Branch Coon Creek, East Pond Creek, Highbank Creek, North Branch Clinton, Tupper Brook


  • Addison Township
  • Almont Township
  • Almont Village
  • Armada Township
  • Armada Village
  • Berlin Township
  • Bruce Township
  • Chesterfield Township*
  • Clinton Township
  • Dryden Township
  • Macomb Township
  • Leonard
  • Lenox Township*
  • Mt. Clemens*
  • Ray Township
  • City of Richmond
  • Richmond Township
  • Village of Romeo
  • Washington Township*

Download: North Branch Subwatershed Plan