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Clinton River Restoration at Yates Cider Mill

In 2018 the CRWC received funding from Michigan DNR as part of the Aquatic Habitat Grant, to restore a 500-foot section of the Clinton River located at Yates Cider Mill in Rochester Hills.This part of the Clinton River is highly trafficked by anglers due to the annual steelhead run and ample river access.

This project will help improve riparian conditions, reduce sedimentation, reduce erosion and enhance in stream habitat.

The project will also provide access improvements for anglers. Construction is set to begin in Winter 2019. The CRWC hopes to continue restoration along this stretch into the future and is actively pursuing additional funds to help protect his important urban resource.



Galloway wetland restoration

City of Auburn Hills, $370,000 

Approx. 2 acres of wetland habitat creation

Establishment of native vegitation habitat



sterling relief project

Cost: $1.85 million, $1.25 million in PAC funding

Fiduciary: Macomb County Public Works

  • Drain daylighting along approx. 2.5 miles of open native vegetated corridor
  • 156.5 million gallons/year stormwater runoff capture and infiltrated
  • 17.77 million gallons of stormwater capacity added
  • 3,488 lbs of Nitrogen avoided annually
  • 616 lbs of Phosphorus avoided annually
  • 233,317 lbs of sediment avoided annually



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